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Dr. Waldman Speaks… about Psychology, Relationships and Life

Dr. Waldman is a noted public speaker. Over the course of his long career, he has presented keynote speeches and seminars to thousands of individuals, both for professional audiences and the general public. The topics he speaks on include:

To the community: 
  • “Raising a Responsible Child”
  • “Coping with Your Adolescent”
  • “How Come I Love Him But Can’t Live with Him?–Making  Your Relationship Work”
  • “Understanding and Managing Your AD(H)D Child”
To educators:
  • “Managing the Difficult Child in the Classroom”
  • “Understanding and Managing the AD(H)D Child”

To mental health professionals:

  • “The Graduate Course You Never Had:  How to Develop, Manage, and Market a Thriving Mental Health Practice–With and Without Managed Care”
  • “Teaching Parents to Parent”
  • “Brief Treatment:  Solution-Focused  Therapy”
To corporations:

“Behavioral Principles of Effective Management”
Issues discussed are: Behavioral Interventions; Setting Target/Goal Behaviors; Effective Communication

“How We Got ‘Stuck In Our Rut’ and How to Get ‘Unstuck’: Reaching Our Potential”
Issues discussed: Immediate Gratification; Fear of Failure; Your Financial Blueprint; We Get What We Believe We Deserve

“Manage Your Stress”
Issues discussed: How to Avoid ‘Fight/Flight;’ What Are You Saying to Yourself:

“Stinkin Thinkin?” The Power of Exercise

“Make Your Marriage Work Better”
Issues discussed: Learn to Fight Fair; Move From ‘Me to We;’ Give to Get; Effective Communication

“How to Raise a Responsible Child”
Issues discussed: Reinforcement; Extinction; Punishment; Logical Consequences; Fostering Responsibility

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